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About Tania Watt

Hello! My name is Tania and I am a full-service wedding, couples, and family photographer based in Lansing, Michigan. When working with me, you can expect that I will deliver impeccable, personalized service, and products made with only the finest quality materials.

I’m not your typical photographer, or typical anything, really. I haven’t been holding a camera since before I was born, nor did I always know I wanted to be a photographer. My first love has always been music, and I’ve always been a writer as well. (So chances are, if you’re a fellow music-lover or creative soul, we’ll probably hit it off right away!)

What I love about photography, though, is it allows me to tell stories and connect with people in an entirely different way. I have always sought to use my gifts to help people, and I use my photography to highlight the special in everyone. I’ve got a talent for “really seeing” people, and I love being able to show people what I see, so that they can see it, too.

Some other things about me:

1.) I’m a recent bride, so I can totally relate to you engaged couples on a whole new level right now!

2.) We went from engaged to married in less than 6 months, so if you’re on a short timeline, too, I’m happy to share any tips with you that I can to help streamline your planning.

3.) I’m a stepmom to two curious, imaginative, goofy, rambunctious boys (ages 8 and 10), so if you are a stepparent/soon-to-be stepparent or have children around those ages, I can certainly relate!

4.) I’m a mother-to-be, expecting a baby girl September 1st!

5.) I’m big on quality time and real-life, in-person connections, but prefer to invest as much as I can into a smaller number of people, so that those special few can get the very best of me.

6.) In general, I’m a giver, and I put my heart into everything I do.


Featured Testimonial

"Tania is a very talented photographer! She took beautiful photos of our wedding and our children's baptism. She is very thorough with great attention to detail. She is invested in her client's happiness and delivers a high quality product that will not disappoint!"

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