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    The Printmaker Promise: I will help my clients choose the perfect photography products for their home and lifestyle while always placing the service I provide them over my own sales goals. I will do the work for my clients, and they will enjoy their photographic keepsakes without all the work of learning and doing it themselves. I am a start-to-finish photographer.
  • Select either Traditional or Virtual IPS. If you're not doing either, tell us what you are doing in the "Other" option and explain why you're doing that instead.
  • What do you like? What do you think needs to be improved? Is there anything confusing or that needs clarifying? Do you feel like help was always available if you needed it? Let us know!
  • We consider what you've just finished your "baseline" for a successful business. All of this is "making it work". How can we help you "make it better" from here? What topics would you like us to teach next? What mini-courses could we create that would help you in other areas of your business? Who would you like us to bring in to do additional teaching? Let us know how we can help you even more! 🙂
  • How has it changed your business (or your outlook on your business)? How does that new business make you feel? Can you tell us a little about where you were before The Printmaker System vs where you are now? Be as long-winded as possible, we want to share in your successes!
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